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The Wild West of Cyber Attacks – August 2014 [Infographic]

September 22nd, 2014 by admin

Wild West Infographic imageAugust 2014 was a really wild month in regards to cyber attacks. The retail attacks became mainstream and the same malware that was used for a targeted attack on Target is now mass malware that targets any retail company to steal credit card numbers. It is clear that once the attackers know how to do it once and generate revenues, they can replicate the same process to attack other companies with much less effort.

They still need to make some effort to gain entry into the the network and then perform the relevant lateral movement, however, once they are in they can then reuse the techniques to patch the POS with their specialized malware, stream the card numbers to the outside, and more importantly convert credit card numbers to cash on the black market.

Once the attackers have this infrastructure within the black market it lowers the bar for new attacks. Once one attack is successful another one is fast to deploy. Meanwhile, the defenders are finding it impossible to incorporate new security tools and systems at a similar rate to the attackers.

In the below infographic we have selected some of the main cyber attacks that occurred during August 2014, but it looks as thought September will also be an interesting month.

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