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Automating Breach Detection For The Way Security Professionals Think

by Giora Engel, Chief Product Officer

October 1, 2015

Solving the data breach crisis requires a deliberate shift in strategy and thinking. Obviously, older approaches to early detection of targeted breaches are not effective today, given that dwell time hovers around six months. Start with your mindset about security automation. It’s difficult to conceive that one could be successful in detecting an active breach without automation. Already IT and security organizations and short-staffed, and many are struggling under the weight of hundreds or thousands of ineffectual security alerts. Get them focused on the actual signs of an intruder and not some wild malware goose chase.

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"The easiest implementation I have ever dealt with in my security career. And within a few days we received really accurate alerts and not thousands of false-positives that we receive from our other security systems." – CISO, A Leading Communications Operator