Behavioral Attack Detection

Behavioral Attack Detection
Because Intrusion Happens

Keeping attackers out of your network is now recognized as an impossible exercise. Even worse is the paralysis that security organizations experience in trying to protect themselves from becoming the next victim.  According to Ponemon Institute, organizations waste $1.27M in time responding to an average of 16,937 malware alerts per week. And the most damaging attacks don’t even make (much) use of malware, and will thus be missed by this approach!.

What is now recognized by security experts is that efficient, accurate behavioral detection is critical to securing an organization against potential damage from attacks.

Enter the Magna Behavioral Attack Detection (BAD) platform. The Magna platform delivers attack detection capabilities that dramatically increase the effectiveness of security operators striving to prevent breaches of their organizations. Specifically, Magna provides the industry’s first integrated Network + Endpoint + User Behavioral Attack Detection platform.

As Marshal Wolfe, Senior Director of IT at Gigamon said, “Magna is enormously useful in focusing our security operations activities through automated summary information about anomalous network activities, the associated user accounts, and the endpoint processes involved.

Here are a few resources focused on how Magna Behavioral Attack Detection works to improve security: