New Gartner Report Recognizes User and Entity Behavior Analytics are Critical to Finding an Active Network Attack

October 12th, 2015 by admin

security breachA recent study showed that 63% of large US companies admitted they had one to two network attacks last year alone, and hardly a day passes without some big headline of another major breach. Health care records, financial assets and government secrets have all been compromised on a massive scale. Can companies turn the tide from being the next victim of devastating results that come from a data breach? What are the crucial ingredients to finding a network intruder early?

Gartner has just released an interesting report called Market Guide for User and Entity Behavior Analytics (G00276088). The report highlights some of the failures of existing approaches to detect an active attack and suggests productive ways a breach can be identified and stopped early in its lifecycle. It admits that malicious or abusive activity commonly goes unnoticed today but these things can be successfully detected by a UEBA solution.

So what is UEBA? According to the report, “User and entity behavior analytics is bringing profiling and anomaly detection based on machine learning to security. UEBA vendors use packaged ansalytics to evaluate the activity of users and other entities to discover security infractions.”

The UEBA Market Guide also signals the necessity of going beyond ingesting logs to consuming network and endpoint data to more fully understand user and entity behavior and spot malicious anomalies.

Seeing the UEBA Market Guide from Gartner is gratifying. We feel it is recognition of newer approaches to solving the vexing challenge of a escalating security breaches. Having pioneered Behavioral Attack Detection with uniquely broad visibility into the entire attack lifecycle, LightCyber customers have used the Magna platform to fully detect external attackers, malicious insiders and insight to other risky behavior. The LightCyber Magna platform employs behavioral profiling through machine learning that is able to detect anomalous attack behaviors, and uniquely integrates data context from full network packet capture with an agentless, on-demand endpoint that can automatically interrogate suspicious devices.

With so many companies and organizations clearly losing the war on data breaches, it’s time to start examining new ways to detecting a network attack early and putting a stop to it. Since virtually every industry leader now acknowledges the folly of a preventative-only security posture, the key question is how would you know if an attacker has successfully penetrated your network? Fortunately, help is on the way, and leaders like Gartner recognize the need for new UEBA products. Click to find out more about LightCyber Magna Behavioral Attack Detection.

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