Health Care Data Breaches

February 8th, 2016 by admin

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How To Stop Network Attackers for Health Care:

If you were like most people, the news in 2015 kept getting worse and worse, when it came to yet another health care data breach that was discovered. Each time you thought that it couldn’t get much worse, it did.

Now a massive health care data breach seems to be the norm. News reporters have been getting to the point of saying that breaking news would be when there is not some kind of major breach.

Despite these monumental failings of existing security and the plethora of “wake up calls,” with each newly discovered breach, the industry hasn’t done anything dramatically different. According to our estimates, less than 5% of health care organizations have the ability to detect an active attacker on their network.

Ask your head of security or IT, “Do we have the means to effectively find a network intruder who has circumvented existing security and is currently at work looking for assets and establishing broader points of control?” If they are honest, you will either get a blank look or a shameful admission of such deficiency.

Now, there is good news and bad news. First, the good. New technologies, such as our own Behavioral Attack Detection, are showing considerable promise at finding attackers early before they have a chance to steal or damage assets. By incorporating these into overall security procedures, health care organizations can turn the tables on these attacks. The bad news is that most health care firms don’t yet know about this new approach. Of course, there is an easy remedy for this problem. Regaining good health is not far out of hand.

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