How to Use Active Breach Detection to Hunt Down Attackers (White Paper)

February 10th, 2015 by admin

Flip The Odds White Paper - cover imageThe continued and relentless pace of enterprise breach announcements and escalating associated costs clearly convey the the current state of the IT Security industry: beleaguered and squirming in agony. The “bad guy” attackers have the advantage in the current battle, and the IT security operator “good guys” are severely under-equipped for the fight.

Largely, this is a result of a confluence of factors:

  • the increasing prevalence of targeted attacker behavior, motivated by the high (financial) gains of data theft
  • the over-reliance on legacy threat prevention tools each focused solely on prevention at either the perimeter and endpoint
  • the explosion of Internet communications, which creates overwhelming noise within which attackers can easily hide

Active Breach Detection

This white paper explores where IT security has a natural advantage, a home field advantage if you will, from which it can better detect and thwart attackers. This requires discarding the old mindset of attempting to achieve 100% intrusion prevention and focusing on malware alone, and instead adopting a philosophy of continuous monitoring and response.

Read Flip The Odds: Using Active Breach Detection Against Advanced Attackers to learn more about what this advantage is and how it can be utilized to better defend your data and systems from compromise.

Use Active Breach Detection to Flip the Odds on the Attackers

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