LightCyber Extends Behavioral Attack Detection to Amazon Web Services

September 19th, 2016 by Kasey Cross

cloudinfographicWe are excited to introduce support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environments and to extend Magna Pathfinder agentless interrogation to Linux devices. LightCyber closes the breach detection gap by detecting command and control, reconnaissance, lateral movement, and data exfiltration to and from the cloud and in hybrid architectures.

Our customers are moving their server workloads to the cloud. As they transition from on-premises to cloud data centers, they want to ensure that their cloud-based applications and servers are secure. To protect their cloud-based assets, they want to use many of the same security technologies that they have traditionally used on-site—such as behavioral attack detection—in the cloud.

Our customers are not alone in their concerns. According to the Cloud Security 2016 Spotlight Report, 91% of organizations are either moderately or very concerned about public cloud security. To illustrate the risks in public cloud data centers, we have published a new infographic; it describes some of the blind spots that organizations should be aware of when designing their cloud architectures.

LightCyber Magna for Amazon Web Services

To monitor and secure deployments in the public cloud, LightCyber is extending support of its award-winning Behavioral Attack Detection platform to AWS data centers. Now, LightCyber can detect threats anywhere, including physical, virtual and cloud environments.  The new LightCyber Magna Detector-AWS and Magna Probe-AWS products can detect external attackers or malicious insiders attempting to gain control of workloads hosted in an AWS cloud data center. They can also spot command and control (C&C) communications and data loss from a compromised workload.

Just like on-premises data centers, attackers may use reconnaissance and lateral movement to gain access to additional workloads. The Magna Behavioral Attack Detection platform uses machine learning to profile the behavior of cloud workloads and detect reconnaissance and lateral movement quickly, before any damage is done.

Magna Probe-AWS and Detector-AWS use the native AWS VPC Flow Logs or the Gigamon Visibility FabricTM for AWS, which is currently in beta, to monitor traffic to and from AWS instances. These new products complement LightCyber Magna’s existing ability to monitor traffic between on-premises users and AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) servers.

Magna Pathfinder for Linux Devices

LightCyber Magna’s main job is to monitor network activity and find anomalies indicative of attack. Magna detects attacks originating from any type of devices, including mobile phones, IoT devices, and even networking equipment. However, Magna also uniquely provides context into attacks by interrogating suspicious endpoints for malware, riskware, or rare artifacts. Our Magna Pathfinder service helps our customers find compromised devices and streamline investigations.

With our new release of Magna, we are extending our Magna Pathfinder agentless interrogation service to Linux machines. Now, Pathfinder can interrogate Linux, as well as Windows, machines for suspicious processes. As the only solution available today that combines network traffic analysis (NTA) with endpoint analysis—for Linux and for Windows—Magna gives our customers unmatched insight into threats.

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