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Platform for Real-Time Network and Endpoint Analysis & Breach Detection

July 31st, 2014 by Gonen Fink

Hands imageWe’re proud to announce that we’ve released the first-ever product to combine network and endpoint analysis into a single real-time detection platform. This makes it easier than ever for organizations to quickly and cost-effectively identify and mitigate attacks – and makes it orders of magnitude more difficult for attackers to operate freely within your network.

The next generation of our LightCyber Magna platform extends our industry-acclaimed network-based breach detection functionality. Now, we’ve got agentless endpoint analysis that provides security teams with actionable insight into security incidents. And we offer cloud-based threat intelligence and malware analysis, along with enhanced remediation and response capabilities.
We created Magna to cost-effectively provide a small set of actionable incidents that help remediate enterprise network breaches before damage is done. With our newest version, which is rapidly deployed out of the box, demands no special training, and dramatically lowers false positives – we’re making it significantly easier for enterprises to do just that.

For more information, see our press release.

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