Five Ways to Spot an Attacker in Your Network

Five Ways to Spot an Attacker in Your Network

We all know the attackers are getting in. The only question that remains is how to find them – fast! The good news is that an attack doesn’t end with infection or take-over of an endpoint; that is where it begins. From there an attack is highly active, and the attacker can be identified and stopped if you know how to look.

This webinar discuss in depth, five key things to look for to spot an attacker as they attempt to:

  • Learn your network topology (port scans).
  • Try to find data (recon of file shares).
  • Extend their control (lateral movement – new admin behavior).
  • Flex their muscles (excessive credential usage).
  • Look for the phone-home and persistent access mechanisms (command & control).

The session will consider the issues involved in identifying theses five processes attackers take, looking at various ways to move from labor-intensive manual to automated processes.

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