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At the close of the 2015 RSA Conference in San Francisco, attendees were left with a challenge from the concluding remarks in RSA President Amit Yoran’s presentation. “Our industry has adopted a defensive mindset that mimics the dark ages… Beyond this irrational obsession with perimeters, the security profession follows an equally absurd path to detecting these advanced threats,” said Yoran.

It’s become quite clear that inline prevention solutions, which block traffic identified as an intrusion attempt, cannot provide 100% protection. In fact, persistent attackers actually enjoy the immediate response they get from these solutions – leveraging it to test different attack vectors, until they find a way in. Analysts and vendors realize that the next level in security will be to augment inline prevention security controls with “out of band” detection controls.

As CEO, I am honored to launch our LightCyber blog, that will showcase our commitment to both technological innovation and knowledge sharing. I recently returned to the security field after a number of years leading a greentech venture. During my time in this fascinating sector, I was consistently impressed by entrepreneurs, vendors and customers who were driven by an overriding commitment to a cleaner, more healthy planet.