Known Threat Pattern

What is a Known Threat Pattern?

A Known Threat Pattern is a recognized, previously-classified malicious network attack practice. Security systems that use signature-based approach to detect threats monitor network packets, seeking patterns in the packets which match entries in a database of signatures that represent pre-identified known security threats.

What does LightCyber have to do with it?

Once a threat has been identified, and for the most part neutralized by inclusion in anti-malware databases, it’s really no longer a threat, however, it often takes time between the actual identifying of threats and the updating of the databases. This is part of the “Breach Detection Gap”. LightCyber automatically detects and analyzes the changes in user and computer behavior that indicate a breach. These subtle changes are usually low-key and slow, and affect only a small number of computers – but the right analysis and context can flag them as malicious. Download a FREE white paper to learn more

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