Healthcare Cyber Security

Protect Patient Data from Breaches. Safeguard Applications, Users, and Medical Devices.

With 81% of healthcare companies suffering a breach in the past two years,  attackers are successfully waging a war on healthcare. The LightCyber Magna platform empowers hospitals and health insurers to flip the odds on attackers by profiling user and device behavior, including what protocols they use, the amount of traffic they generate, the servers they access, and much more. Based on these profiles, LightCyber Magna can identify the telltale signs of a breach that noisy, signature-based solutions miss.

Stop Attacks Early with Behavioral Attack Detection

On average, organizations detect intrusions 146 days  after the initial attack. This provides attackers ample time to escalate privileges, move laterally, and steal healthcare data. LightCyber Magna slashes attack dwell times from months to minutes or hours by monitoring traffic for behavioral anomalies and performing agentless endpoint analysis. With LightCyber, healthcare companies can mitigate threats before the real damage is done.

LightCyber Allows Healthcare
Companies to:

  • Shield patient data from advanced attacks and insider threats
  • Identify malware that have circumvented traditional signature-based controls
  • Isolate breached computers and medical devices, stopping attacks at an early stage
  • Address HIPAA and PCI requirements by protecting against malicious software and monitoring activity

Why Healthcare Companies Should Choose LightCyber

LightCyber helps hospitals and insurance providers quickly find and eliminate threats, such as malware and ransomware, targeted attacks, risky behavior and insider threats, and increasing healthcare cyber security.

Correlate anomalies and check suspicious processes for malware to correctly identify threats.

Detect threats originating from laptops, medical devices, mobile devices, as well as servers in the data center and the cloud with network and agentless endpoint analysis.

binocularPost-Attack Visibility
Stop intruders early to prevent costly data loss without signatures and without needing to decrypt encrypted traffic.

Address HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI compliance and demonstrate security status to important customers.

Customer Insights

Interview with a Healthcare Professional

A large healthcare provider has deployed LightCyber Magna™ to detect targeted attacks and insider threats. Watch an interview with healthcare security professional to learn how LightCyber has made the healthcare providers’ security team more productive. Find out why he now has a high level of confidence that they can quickly detect and stop malicious activity and protect electronic healthcare records.

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