LightCyber Magna

LightCyber Magna is a breach detection and remediation solution comprised of one or more network appliances (physical and/or virtual) together with software modules, that are passively connected to the primary network switches of your internal network  and that proactively find compromised endpoints and stolen credentials, flag and remediate them.

Even companies that have invested in strong security are not immune to cyber-attacks. These attackers can be criminals seeking monetary gain or competitors engaging in industrial espionage.  Gartner estimates that 4-7% of all enterprise endpoints are breached at any given point in time.

LightCyber Magna is the first security product to effectively fill this detection gap, integrating the three worlds of network, endpoint and cloud to achieve success where other solutions have fallen short.

Magna works in a three-step iterative process to identify and mitigate attacks:

The LightCyber Magna appliance passively monitors traffic in the enterprise network using deep packet inspection, and profiles the behavior of each user and endpoint in the network. Without requiring any configuration or signatures, the appliance detects subtle behavior deviations of users and endpoints from their past behavior and peers in the organization.

Magna Pathfinder, LightCyber’s agentless endpoint analysis module, further investigates traffic anomalies, automatically scanning suspected endpoints and collecting host level indicators to identify the origin of suspicious activities. This unique combination of network-centric detection and endpoint analysis, augmented by cloud-based threat intelligence, provides your security team with actionable incidents with an extremely low false positive rate.

Detailed alerts with actionable information are generated for each breached endpoint, enabling efficient triage and remediation through Magna Manager. Magna purposely keeps the number of alarms (and false positives) to a low, manageable number, so that breaches can be mitigated practically and quickly by IT security practitioners, early in the attack life cycle, before any real damage is done.


Solution Components
LightCyber Magna utilizes several dedicated software modules on its appliances  to provide a comprehensive security solution. Learn more about LightCyber Magna’s software modules:


  • Early breach detection, closing the “breach detection gap” and remediating breaches before the damage is done

  • Workload reduction through automation of data collection and analysis
  • Focusing the existing security team on remediating high priority incidents
  • Prioritization of known and unknown threats
  • Proactive, self-monitoring, rather than learning about breaches from third parties


  • Real-time monitoring of all network traffic, from all endpoints

  • Rapid implementation, no configuration necessary
  • Easily understood, actionable alerts
  • Low false positives
  • Deep packet inspection of network traffic
  • Application-level analysis of endpoint activity
  • Extensive built-in cybersecurity expertise
  • Easy to install and operate, no policy, zero configuration

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