Machine Learning and Network Security

Unlocking the True Potential of Machine Learning to Enhance Network Security

Will machine learning transform the security industry? The answer is a resounding yes — but only if we use it right. If we keep trying to pursue only a “known-bad” negative model for security, we’ll be stuck with the status quo where it takes the typical organization 146 days¹ to detect a breach, machine learning or no.

With a machine-learning powered “known good” model, security tools can identify the mis-behaving needle in the proverbial haystack of network traffic. By learning good traffic and profiling user activity over time, analytics-based security tools can catch the attacks that evade legacy detection approaches.

Attend this webinar to learn:
• Why signature-based security tools have reached their useful limits
• How profiling known good behavior can help distinguish attacks from normal activity
• Which inputs are required for effective behavior analytics tools
• How machine learning can reduce the time to detection and the cost of a data breach

David Thompson, Sr. Director, Product Management
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