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Private Equity
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LightCyber was one of the easiest implementations of a security product that I have ever seen. Within just days, the product was providing focused alerts on threats we hadn’t previously known about.


Stephen Harrison, Director of Sales,
EverSec Group, Inc.

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The company has a strong investment in Perimeter defenses, including the market leading firewall provider, as well as a vendor to oversee their Constant Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) for vulnerability assessment. After high profile breaches across the retail and financial services sector, this business realized that it needed to augment its existing network security solutions with a reliable, effective, easy-to-deploy solution that could identify and neutralize active attackers inside the company’s network.



Magna monitors all internal network traffic, profiles normal behavior of all users and endpoints, and detects deviations that could represent malicious activity

Magna significantly tightens network security, discovering previouslyundetected threats, notably zero-days and other APTs, as well as more
common malware that has evaded existing protections

Magna offers simple deployment and rapid roll out enterprise-wide



• The first real glimpse of the potentially malicious activity within the network, Magna immediately identified active malware

• In addition, Magna highlighted previously unknown behaviors of privileged users that exposed the organization to risk

• Deployed in 2 hours, Magna began delivering actionable results in less than a week

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A leading private equity firm with a significant investment portfolio and top-tier investors was looking to augment perimeter security with active breach detection. Specifically, the company was seeking an easy-to-deploy, enterprisewide solution that would help it deal with any malware or attackers that evaded the perimeter.



The company chose LightCyber Magna to identify and neutralize active attackers inside the corporate network.

The Magna appliance was installed and operating within an afternoon, from the central datacenter to provide the best visibility to both internal and outbound network traffic. Magna monitors the internal applications access, profiling the normal behavior of users and devices and detecting subtle behavior deviations that could represent malicious activity.

Immediately following deployment, within less than a week of profiling, Magna started to show alerts for active malware. The company has also used LightCyber Pathfinder as an agentless endpoint tool to augment detection from LightCyber Magna, as well as to provide additional forensic and investigative information from suspicious endpoints.


Products Deployed

1 D-300 Detector in the main datacenter, with integrated Master PFC-1000 Magna Pathfinder & Magna Cloud license.



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