The LightCyber™ Magna Platform is the industry’s first Active Breach Detection solution, which utilizes machine learning to continuously profile user and device behavior and to accurately identify malicious attack behavior on your network. The Magna Platform employs Multivariate Adaptive Detection™ to identify anomalous attack behavior across the entire attack lifecycle using broad data inputs, including network traffic (using DPI), endpoint state, and leveraging a cloud expert system. Magna automates the attack detection and validation processes that are typically performed by armies of security analysts.

Magna empowers you to find the attackers that have breached the network perimeter and to stop potential damage.

Magna Platform Benefits Security Operations


Reduces Attack Dwell Time
Reduces Attack Dwell Time and Damage Potential.
Actively finds attackers that are operating within your network and stop them before any real damage is done.
Active Breach Detection
Increases Security Operations Efficiency
Increases Security Operations Efficiency and Efficacy.
Unprecedented detection accuracy drives very high true positive rates, and focuses security analysts on actionable events.
Active Breach Detection
Automated Forensics and Remediation
Automated Forensics and Remediation.
Provides detailed and actionable forensics for each attack incident, and integrates with 3rd-party remediation systems.


Magna In Action

LightCyber Magna in Action

1. Detect
  • Attack Detection with Multivariate Adaptive Detection:
    – Profiles Behavior Across All Phases of Attack
    – Multivariate Inputs: Network-Based / DPI and Endpoint Context
    – Dynamically Profiles Normal User & Device Behavior
    – Identifies Breach Indicators with Machine Learning
  • Automates Attack Detection and Diagnosis Tasks
2. Validate
  • Accurate Alerts with High True Positive Rate (2-5 / Day)
  • Associate Malicious Network Behavior and Endpoint State
  • Cloud Expert System Leverage Threat Intel to Augment Accuracy
  • Targeted Forensics – Automated Attack Forensics Summary
3. Remediate
  • Prioritizes Confirmed Incident Detection
  • Multiple Remediation Options via 3rd-Party Enforcement Integration
Active Breach Detection

A new approach for cyber breach detection

“LightCyber Magna was very easy to install, and was deployed in under two hours at the customer’s site. Magna immediately uncovered active malware. The customer was particularly impressed by how Magna does not get in the way or require extensive configuration or tuning, yet provides great visibility into activity on the network.”  - Stephen Harrison
Director of Sales EverSec Group, Inc