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Darwin is Alive and Kicking: Evolving Beyond “Intrusion Prevention” towards “Attack Detection”: Let me start by declaring that I’m a big believer in evolution theory (shocker!), and that Charles Darwin is alive and kicking in IT security markets in 2015! Why, you ask? Because every major incumbent vendor is “evolving” their messaging from a prior mantra of “Blocking” and “Preventing” attacks towards a new mindset of breach “Detection” that recognizes the stark reality that not all attacks can be prevented.
The Four Most Commonly Misunderstood Facts About Network Attacks: What you don’t understand can hurt you, and sometimes that hurt can be colossal. It’s ironic but even with a daily news cycle of freshly uncovered data breaches, most companies still greatly misunderstand the phenomenon. Just start with the term network attack. Some people think of this as the initial intrusion into a network. Others think of it as data exfiltration. The fact is that an attack breach is the entire process after the initial intrusion.