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The #1 Question From RSA: RSA, the world’s largest security conference, is a dizzying carnival of claims, buzzwords, achievements and revelations, all competing for mindshare of the more than 40,000 attendees. Ironically, just as the conference was starting, across the Bay, the University of California, Berkeley reported a data breach that compromised current and former faculty, staff, students and vendors. This is the third data breach disclosed by the school in a 15-month period.
Insider Threats: Preventing Credential Leakage: How to stop insider threats. It’s always challenging to educate employees about good security practices, but even more challenging for new employees. Recently, LightCyber Magna detected a suspicious number of attempted SSH connections from the workstation of a newly hired engineer. The security analyst saw the event on the Magna Analyst Dashboard and sent an email to the user to ascertain what might be going on.