Now Security Must be About Attack Detection

With today’s internal and external threats, it is not longer possible to rely on preventative security. You have to expect that an external attacker will find a way into your network, probably through compromising a host computing device or user account. Will you be able to tell? Can you see the attacker at work, exploring the network and establishing new points of control? With LightCyber Magna, Gigamon can find an active attacker quickly.

“The ability to see what’s going on around our network and tie it to endpoints is invaluable,” says Marshall Wolf, Sr. Director of IT, Gigamon. “We need tools that can slap us across the face and tell us what’s going on. Now we don’t have to go looking for security events. LightCyber delivers those to us.”

Get the inside scoop on how Gigamon has evolved their security to use attack detection to deal with internal and external threats and what this means to the efficiency and effectiveness of their security team. Learn how security is a value and what it can do.