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July 7th, 2014 by Gonen Fink

Gonen Fink, LIghtCyber CEO imageAs CEO, I am honored to launch our LightCyber blog, that will showcase our commitment to both technological innovation and knowledge sharing.

I recently returned to the security field after a number of years leading a greentech venture. During my time in this fascinating sector, I was consistently impressed by entrepreneurs, vendors and customers who were driven by an overriding commitment to a cleaner, more healthy planet.

I believe that security ventures like LightCyber are driven by a similar responsibility and should share their knowledge whenever possible to help create a safer and more secure information ecosystem. The reason for this is simple: our dependency on the information ecosystem in today’s world is growing so fast, that soon it will be as critical as our dependency on the natural resources that allow us to live on this planet.

And, just like our physical ecosystem, our information ecosystem is in danger. The growth of the digital world cannot continue as is, with cyber-attacks prevalent on a daily basis. Current solutions aren’t enough. The cyber security market has reached a point that requires disruptive thinking.

The perimeter has proven itself to be ultimately porous. A determined attacker, with time and resources, will always overcome defenses. The reality today is that an attacker can be in your network for months and even years without anyone noticing. The challenge today is not to build higher walls to keep attackers out. The challenge is to find them once they’re inside – before they can do any damage.

I started my information security career some 20 years ago, when I was among the first employees at Check Point. Then, the world was changing at fast pace, and we were looking for new information security paradigms. LightCyber, I believe, is in a similar position – ready to take a leadership role in what is gaining recognition as the cutting edge of cyber security.

I look forward to sharing, together with other LightCyber contributors, our ideas, thoughts, and vision. And I look forward to hearing your thoughts via your feedback. Because ultimately we are all pursuing the same goal: a safer, more secure, and healthier information ecosystem.

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