Why LightCyber Even if I Have EDR

Why LightCyber for Detection Even If I Have EDR?

Because while Endpoint Detection & Response is a great innovation in the endpoint protection (EPP) market that dramatically improves investigation capabilities, it is not an effective tool for detecting active attacks on your network. LightCyber Magna is an excellent complement to a EDR because Magna is actively analyzing network traffic and endpoint state for the purposes of automatic detection. Cyber security teams must have the tools to both detect and further investigate attackers and malware.

With rapid proliferation of targeted attacks, while prevention may be the goal, the reality is that security teams must also be able to detect attacks in-progress – particularly the attack steps that occur within the network such as recon and lateral movement, and that may make no use of malware at all.


  • Good for post-detection investigation.
  • Good for IoC hunting.
  • Can spot and block known malware.
  • Requires an Agent.
  • Profiles and baselines user and device behavior.
  • Continuously monitors internal network and endpoints.
  • Automatically detects a full range of attack behaviors.
  • Scalable architecture for full visibility of behavior anomalies inside your network.
EDR-Blindspont EDR-visibility-with-Magna

EDR is too focused on malware not on user or network behavior.
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LightCyber brings user network and endpoint together for effective attack detection.
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LightCyber Magna, by contrast, monitors all internal network traffic, learns what is normal through behavioral profiling, and provides visibility into attacker behavior irrespective of malware type, or even whether malware is used at all. So Magna finds active attacks inside the network that EDR has no chance of catching.

LightCyber Magna is in fact very complementary to an EDR because Magna is looking for different things in different places. But, if you want automatic and targeted visibility into active attacks on your network, if you want real behavioral detection, LightCyber Magna is looking for the right behaviors in the right places to catch attackers, fast.

Make Behavioral Attack Detection Part of Your Balanced Security Program:

Balanced Attack Detection Graphic

  • Network-Based Threat Prevention (NGFW + Optional Sandbox)
  • Endpoint-Based Threat Prevention & Investigation (A/V + EDR)
  • Incident Investigation (SIEM, logs, etc.)
  • Behavioral Attack Detection – LightCyber