SANS Product Review

SANS Product Review: Detecting a Targeted Data Breach with Ease

Let’s face it. It’s impossible to stop every attacker from gaining a foothold in your network. In fact the SANS 2015 Endpoint Security Survey found that more than 50% of respondents assume that attackers are already operating in their networks.

This product review details and affirms many of the capabilities of Lightcyber Magna, including its ability to “deeply inspect network traffic” and “agentless technology” to capture host information. Explains the reviewer, “Attackers follow a pattern once they establish toeholds into their target networks. Recognizing this behavior is Magna’s bread and butter.”

The review process tested the Magna platform with various forms of malicious behaviors that would likely be part of an active attack, and details three key attributes that set Magna apart from traditional endpoint management tools:

  • Reduce the time between compromise and detection, limiting the damage attackers can inflict.
  • Increases operational efficiency by minimizing false positives and ensuring that alerts provide real, actionable intelligence to analysts.
  • Uses a unique blend of network-and host-based indicators to help expedite investigations, and provide context around alerts.