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Yes, This November Was a Real-Life Horror Movie [Infographic]

December 17th, 2014 by admin

Horror Movie InfographicHere is another monthly cyber breach infographic for cyber attacks reported during November 2014. To see previous infographics see August 2014, September 2014 and October 2014.

The Sony hack is one of the most destructive cases we have seen. While the majority of cyber attacks have a financial motivation, in this case it seems that the attacker was a nation-state with political motives, or certainly an entity motivated to cause maximum damage.

Activist attacks generally just try to create a nuisance for the target government or corporate entity – they involve Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) to disrupt operations; or, they reveal compromising and sensitive information to embarrass the organization. But, the skill and resources invested in these activist attacks are usually limited. If performed by a nation state, the Sony attack is on a completely different scale – making it truly the first of its kind.

The attacker wanted to cause as much damage as possible to the company – exposing internal information about employees and business, distributing unreleased films, wreaking havoc in their IT environment by wiping computers, disrupting business continuity, and other dire consequences.

It is hard to ignore the fact that no news of attack on the retail industry was heard this month. It’s likely that attackers are lowering their profiles, biding their time until the December holiday season is in full swing, and planning raids then.

I guess we will see in next months Infographic…

Horror movie infographic

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