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Would You Know if You Were Being Attacked — Right Now?

LightCyber was founded by cyber warfare experts to help security analysts answer one question: Would you know if an active attack was underway in your network?

Despite the massive investment in threat prevention technologies, growing volumes of data breaches confirm that we cannot prevent 100% of intrusion attempts on your network. Once your network is compromised, standard security analytical tools, like SIEM, are highly ineffective for finding the attackers hiding inside your network.

A new approach is needed so security analysts can confidently answer this question affirmatively, and simply sifting through logs faster (even in an automated fashion) is not enough.

Introducing Behavioral Attack Detection

LightCyber Magna™ is a new Behavioral Attack Detection platform developed with the recognition that targeted attackers can circumvent legacy threat prevention systems, and then operate with unfettered access to network resources – what we call the Breach Detection Gap. Magna provides accurate and efficient security visibility into advanced or targeted attacks, insider threats, and malware that have circumvented traditional security controls.

Magna delivers alerts that include automated investigative data with rich user, endpoint, and network context enabling swift triage and resolution. The Magna platform delivers unmatched accuracy due to the breadth of data context included in the behavioral profiling process, including both network (DPI) and endpoint (agentless) data. The result is an ability to detect and stop attacks before damage is done, without having to wade through 100’s or thousands of alerts a day.


Accuracy from Network and Endpoint Context

LightCyber delivers accuracy from Network + Endpoint Context
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Market Validation for Behavioral Attack Detection

In their Market Guide for User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) report, Gartner, Inc. validated the shortcomings of conventional threat prevention systems and the need for enterprises to invest heavily in attack detection analytical capabilities. “Despite almost $80 billion spent globally on security, attackers are still getting through organizational defenses. In almost every publicized case of a breach or system intrusion, alerts and alarms did go off in the various monitoring systems, but were ignored since they were buried among tens or hundreds of thousands of alerts.”

The report went on to recommend vendors that use broad-based behavioral profiling techniques. “Favor UEBA vendors who profile multiple entities including users and their peer groups, and devices, and who use machine learning to detect anomalies. These features enable more accurate detection of malicious or abusive users,” said Avivah Litan, Gartner vice president and Distinguished Analyst, in the report.

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"We need tools that can slap us across the face and tell us what’s going on. Now we don’t have to go looking for security events. LightCyber delivers those to us." – Marshall Wolf, Sr. Director of IT, Gigamon