Security Assurance

Demonstrate That There Is No Evidence of Compromise in the Network

Board members, partners, customers, and auditors increasingly demand proof that there are no active attackers in the network. By accurately pinpointing the activity of malicious insiders and targeted external attackers, LightCyber Magna allows IT security teams to show these constituencies that their networks are secure.

Because LightCyber Magna Behavioral Attack Detection is highly accurate and efficient, IT security teams can triage all alerts generated by LightCyber Magna. Then they can publish a Security Assurance Report that illustrates that all network attack behaviors have been investigated and there is no current evidence of compromise in the network.

Address Business and Compliance Requirements

The LightCyber Magna Security Assurance Report™ allows security managers to deliver a documented statement of security status to key executives and board members. The Magna platform accurately and efficiently identifies network attack behaviors by profiling and monitoring all network users and IP-connected devices for anomalies indicative of attack. It also automatically interrogates devices for malware, riskware, and rare artifacts.

Magna’s operational efficiency enables security managers to triage alerts and remediate all potential attacks. The LightCyber Magna Security Assurance Report provides clear, decisive results when all alerts have been investigated and resolved.

To learn more, see the LightCyber Magna Security Assurance Solution Brief.

Eliminate the Need for Costly Third-Party Assessments

Due to increased scrutiny from their board of directors, many security teams need to produce reports documenting security status. No longer content with simple vulnerability reports, some boards are demanding a “no compromise report” that verifies there is no evidence of compromise in the network.

Because traditional attack detection solutions, like IDS, Sandboxing and SIEM, generate a huge volume of alerts, many security teams cannot triage all of them and produce a comparable “no compromise” report for their board. As a result, these security teams must engage a consulting firm to conduct expensive, and recurring, manual assessments. The LightCyber Magna Security Assurance Report replaces these third-party assessment services, reducing IT security costs.

Solution Brief

LightCyber Magna Security
Assurance Report

Show auditors, partners, and your board that your network is secure. This datasheet describes the features and benefits of the LightCyber Magna Security Assurance Report.


CISO’s Guide to
Security Assurance

Learn the business benefits of security assurance. This eBook reveals the CAPEX and OPEX savings and cybersecurity risk reduction of deploying LightCyber Magna.



Calculate Security
Operations Costs

Security operations costs are escalating. Compare the costs of your existing threat detection systems versus LightCyber Magna with an online SOC OPEX Calculator.