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Behavioral Attack Detection

Because Intrusion Happens


Behavioral Attack Detection
from LightCyber

Close the breach detection gap.
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White Paper

SANS Product Review: Detecting a Targeted Breach with Ease

SANS product review shows that LightCyber Magna™ delivers attack detection before a data breach can occur.


Think Like An Attacker

This on-demand webinar features SANS Director John Pescatore who focuses on the move from a prevention-only strategy to one with attack detection based on behavioral...

Behavioral Attack Detection

Detection Accuracy

Operational Efficiency

Integrated Remediation

LightCyber Magna accurately and efficiently detects active attacks regardless of malware status or attack techniques to reduce attacker dwell time and minimize the damage done.

Flip the Odds

This short video shows you how Magna helps you gain the advantage over cyber attackers.

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