You gotta be BAD to
catch the bad

Behavioral Attack Detection

Because Intrusion Happens


All Needles,
No Hay

Pinpoint Attackers 100x More Accurately
with Behavioral Attack Detection


Malware Is Just the
Tip of the Iceberg.

Learn What's Beneath The Surface.

Download the 2016 Cyber
Weapons Report.

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LightCyber Attack Detection

A recent survey says organizations receive 17,000 malware alerts a week—too many to actually deal with. LightCyber boils that down to a dozen meaningful alerts....


2016 Cyber Weapons Report

This report focuses on the anomalous activity that occur after the initial intrusion, including command and control, reconnaissance, lateral movement and data exfiltration.

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How Many Security Alerts are Too Many?

How many Security Alerts are Too Many? Learn how to Reduce Security Alerts and Increase Accuracy

Behavioral Attack Detection

Detection Accuracy

Operational Efficiency

Integrated Remediation

LightCyber Magna accurately and efficiently detects active attacks regardless of malware status or attack techniques to reduce attacker dwell time and minimize the damage done.

Flip the Odds

This short video shows you how Magna helps you gain the advantage over cyber attackers.

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Don’t get Mad get BAD!

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Noise – The Enemy of Security

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Minimizing the Network Spread of Cryptolocker

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