About LightCyber

LightCyber is a leader in breach detection, whose innovative technology identifies threats within the corporate network early in the attack lifecycle, allowing prompt breach remediation and preventing extensive damage from malware or hackers.

Targeted threats – also known as “Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)” – typically bypass perimeter security systems, thriving in the soft underbelly of the internal network where they have nearly free reign to seek out high value data over a period of weeks or months. In many cases, the company does not know its network has been compromised until a partner or client identifies irregular behavior such as fraudulent credit card charges.

LightCyber Magna puts the control back in the hands of the security manager by enabling advanced breach detection. The solution profiles companies’ internal traffic, differentiating between legitimate and malicious users, and detecting suspicious behavior. Suspected traffic is tracked back to the endpoint, and using agentless endpoint analysis and cloud based Threat Intelligence, the suspected endpoint is inspected to confirm whether it has been breached or not.

The company is led by a seasoned management team of world-class security experts with decades of experience in organizations such as Check Point Software and Israel’s Ministry of Defense.

The company’s products have been successfully deployed by top tier customers in the financial, telecommunications, government, media and technology sectors.