Achieve PCI Compliance

Achieve PCI Compliance and Protect Against Data Breaches with LightCyber

According to the PCI standard, organizations must deploy intrusion detection or prevention at their network perimeter and at critical points in the cardholder data environment. LightCyber engaged HALOCK Security Labs, a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), to evaluate whether LightCyber Magna Behavioral Attack Detection met PCI requirement 11.4 for intrusion detection and prevention. Read this white paper to learn how to achieve PCI compliance and protect against data breaches using LightCyber Magna.

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  • Reviews PCI requirement #11.4 for intrusion detection
  • Compares signature and behavior-based intrusion detection solutions
  • Reveals the results of HALOCK’s assessment of LightCyber Magna for intrusion detection
  • Explains how LightCyber Magna pinpoints network intrusions with a high level of accuracy and a low number of security alerts