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March 14th, 2016 by admin

RSA 2016Key Topics from RSA 2016 Include How To Avoid a Data Breach:

RSA, the world’s largest security conference, is a dizzying carnival of claims, buzzwords, achievements and revelations, all competing for mindshare of the more than 40,000 attendees.

Ironically, just as the conference was starting, across the Bay, the University of California, Berkeley reported a data breach that compromised current and former faculty, staff, students and vendors. This is the third data breach disclosed by the school in a 15-month period. Clearly, the traditional approach towards security is not effective in detecting network intruders that have circumvented existing security and at work inside a network to gain access to valuable assets.

All of this is a bit like witnessing an opulent royal banquet in progress while the surrounding city burns. The first step in remedying an ailment is to admit that there is a problem.

In addition to all of the great questions and topics from this year’s conference, the one big one that was not asked or answered nearly enough was about the effective means of finding network attackers early before theft or damage could occur. Watch this video to take a further look.

DT on Security Issues at RSA

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