Company Overview

Would You Know If An Attacker Were Active In Your Network Right Now?

The unfortunately reality is that most organizations would not.

Despite the massive investment in security technologies, these prevention-focused solutions cannot keep out 100% of attackers. And once an attacker gets inside, standard security tools have created such a deluge of logs and alerts, often multi-thousands per day, that a security operator has no chance of making sense out of all the noise.

A new approach is needed. And simply sifting through logs faster (even in an automated fashion) is not enough.

Introducing: Active Breach Detection (ABD)

LightCyber™ Magna is a new Active Breach Detection platform based on the recognition that legacy threat prevention systems can and will be circumvented by a targeted attacker, who can then operate with unfettered access to network resources – the Breach Detection Gap. LightCyber Magna Active Breach Detection utilizes behavior-based profiling, not technical artifacts, to accurately detect active cyber attacks before damage is done.

Magna is powered by Multivariate Attack Detection, which identifies anomalous attack behavior throughout the entire attack lifecycle and is the only solution that incorporates both network (DPI) and endpoint (agentless) context. Unlike alternatives, Magna does not rely on technical artifacts that produce excessive false positives, and instead was designed by cyber warfare experts to detect anomalous attacker behaviors that attackers cannot conceal. The result is highly actionable alerts that include automatically generated investigative data to focus incident response, and stop attackers before real damage is done.


"The easiest implementation I have ever dealt with in my security career. And within a few days we received really accurate alerts and not thousands of false-positives that we receive from our other security systems." – CISO, A Leading Communications Operator