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The Evolution of Cyber Threats: Protect Against Advanced Attacks

September 7th, 2014 by admin

White paper: The Evolution of Cyber ThreatsAdvanced attacks such as those against Adobe Systems, the New York Times, Target, and the Korean credit card system have proved that today’s attackers differ than those of just a few years ago. What was once the modus-operandi of nation-states and nation-backed actors has spread to cyber-crime and industrial espionage, both in terms of capabilities and sophistication.

The rising success of advanced attack campaigns in the past two years has forced us to question the capabilities of traditional security controls and ask ourselves why they have failed in face of the current security threat landscape.

LightCyber’s latest white paper, Responding to the Evolution of Cyber Threats, available for free download here, asks tough questions about what we’re doing – and what we should be doing – in the face of a new class of cyber threats. The white paper includes in-depth insights about how:

A cyber attack is a process and existing paradigms fall short, for example:

  • Applying intrusion prevention technologies to detect breached systems
  • Traditional anomaly detection and Big Data products
  • Endpoint analysis

It’s time for a new approach for data-breach detection

The white paper concludes that in order to decrease the breach detection gap we need a new approach to detect and respond to advanced attacks that:

  • Automatically and consistently detects the subtle signals of a breach
  • Automatically filters out the noise
  • Offers simple deployment and effective coverage

To learn more, download Responding to the Evolution of Cyber Threats now!

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